The Correspondence of Georg Lorenz Seidenbecher

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Georg Lorenz Seidenbecher (1623–1663)

Seidenbecher was born in 1623 in Coburg. His father, Philippus Gualtherus Seidenbecher (1593–1653), was as a Protestant minister in the city; his mother, Susanna Libavius, was the daughter of the chemist Andreas Libavius (c. 1560–1616) who had served as head of the Coburg Gymnasium for the final ten years of his life.

After studying theology at Wittenberg and at Jena, Seidenbecher worked for several years as an amanuensis at the Ducal Library in Gotha before taking up in 1655 a position as a Protestant minister in Unterneubrun, Eisfeld. In this same year he married Dorothea Hoffman, with whom he had four children.

Publication of his first work Chiliasmus Sanctus in Amsterdam in 1660 (under the pseudonym Waremund Freyburger) initiated the proceedings — overseen by Duke Ernst Gotha — that in December of the following year led to Seidenbecher’s dismissal for his chiliastic views. Seidenbecher settled ultimately in the United Provinces and died there in 1663. His second work, Problema theologia, was published in Amsterdam the year after his death.

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