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Martin Ruar (1589–1657)

Martin Ruar [Ruarus] was born into a Lutheran family in Krempe in 1589. He was educated in Altdorf, where he encountered the work of Fausto Sozzini (1539–1604), the Italian theologian and founder of the school of Christian thought that came to be known as Socinianism. Following studies in law at Leiden, Ruar travelled through Europe and promoted his non-Trinitarian beliefs. In 1614 he moved to Poland, where for three years served as rector of the Racovian Academy, before settling in Danzig [Gdańsk] in 1631. Ruar married into the Danzig Voss family and remained in the city until 1643, in which year he, his extended family, and a number of members of his Socinian circle—including the physician Daniel Zwicker (1612–1678)—were expelled on account of their beliefs.

From Warsaw Ruar argued persuasively against his exile yet, although he was permitted to return to Danzig, he chose to live thereafter outside the city in Straszyn. It was from here that he continued his European travels, visiting both England and Italy.

Ruar died in Straszyn in 1657. A collection of his letters was published by David Ruar, his son, in 1681 in Amsterdam.


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Martin Ruar, Martini Ruari nec non aliorum Illustrium, spectabilium, doctorumque vivorum, quorum nomina in indice videbis, ad ipsum vel ejus causa scriptarum epistolarum selectarum centuria altera & ultima (Amsterdam: David Ruarus, 1681).


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