The Correspondence of Pietro Mengoli

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Title-page from Novae quadraturae arithmeticae, by Pietro Mengoli. 1650. (Source of image: The Internet Archive)

Pietro Mengoli (1626–1686)

Born in 1626, Pietro Mengoli studied with the Jesuat mathematician Bonaventura Cavalieri at the University of Bologna, and became his successor following his death in 1647. He held a number of chairs at the university during the course of his life, including those of arithmetic, mechanics, and mathematics. Mengoli was awarded a doctorate in philosophy in 1650, and, three years later, in civil and canon law. Upon his ordination, he served as priest at the parish of Santa Maria Maddalena, Bologna, for the two and a half decades prior to his death in  the city in 1685.

In his use of algebraic methods to develop further the indivisible method pioneered by Cavalieri, Mengoli made significant contributions to contemporary work on quadratures. His published works include Novae quadraturae arithmeticae, seu de additione fractionum (1650), Geometria speciose elementa (1659), and Speculazioni musicali (1670).


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The metadata for this listing of Mengoli’s correspondence have been drawn from Gabriele Baroncini and Marta Cavazza’s edition of Mengoli’s correspondence, which was published in 1986 by Casa Editrice Leo S. Olschki. EMLO is grateful to Filippo Polenchi and the publishing house of Olschki for collaborative support.

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La Corrispondenza di Pietro Mengoli‘, ed. Gabriele Baroncini and Marta Cavazza, Archivio della corrispondenza degli scienziati italiani, 2 (Florence: Leo S. Olschki Editore, 1986).


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