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Opportunities for scholars, students, and research projects at EMLO

In Early Modern Letters Online a growing number of ‘starter catalogues’ are being identified for which metadata has been partially compiled but significant work and further research is required to bring each inventory to completion. If you are a student either in search of a topic or you are interested in working with early modern correspondence, we encourage you to be in touch to discuss how you might engage with this material. Alternatively, should you be a more senior scholar—or a member of a research project team in the process of drafting an application for funding—and find that the correspondence of one or more of the individuals listed below is integral to your work, we should be delighted to hear from you to discuss the possibilities of working together. Over the past twelve years we have developed a range of tools to assist in the collation of descriptions of letters, and we are able to offer advice and assistance regarding the visualization and the analysis of the resulting epistolary metadata.



Francesco Algarotti (1712–1764)
John Anstis (1669–1744)
Francis Aston (1645–1715)
John Bagford (1650–1716)
George Ballard (1705–1755)
Thomas Barlow (1608–1691)
Joshua Barnes (1654–1712)
Daines Barrington (1727/8–1800)
Isaac Barrow (1630–1677)
Laura Maria Caterina Bassi (1711–1788)
John Beale (1608–1683)
James Beattie (1735–1803)
Edward Bernard (1638–1697)
James Bindley (1737–1818)
William Broome (1689–1745)
Thomas Browne (1605–1682)
Thomas Brett (1667–1744)
William Brouncker (1620–1684)
Elizabeth Burnet [née Blake; other married name Berkeley] (1661–1709)
William Camden (1551–1623)
Pierre de Carcavi (1600–1684)
Anne Carleton [née Glemham; other married name Bayning] (d. 1639)
Margaret Cavendish [née Lucas], duchess of Newcastle (1623?–1673)
John Chamberlayne (c. 1666–1723)
Hester Chapone (1723–1801)
Sarah Chapone (1699–1764)
Arthur Charlett (1655–1722)
Sarah Churchill [née Jenyns], duchess of Marlborough (1660–1744)
Detlev Clüver (1645–1708)
Anthony Collins, 1676–1729)
Robert Bruce Cotton (1571–1631)
John Covel (1638–1722)
Ralph Cudworth (1617–1688)
William Curtius (1599–1678)
Albert Curtz (1600–1671)


Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588–1657)
Christina, Queen of Sweden 1626–1689)
Anne Clifford, countess of Pembroke, Dorset, and Montgomery (1590–1676)
Regnier De Graaf (1641–1673)
Henry Dodwell (1641–1711)
Jacques Philippe D’Orville (1696–1751)
Pierre Dupuy (1582–1651)
Dorothy Durie [née King] (1612–1664)
John Dury (1596–1680)
Dutch Church in London archive
John Evelyn (1620–1706)
Cassandra Fedele (d. 1655)
Margaret Fell (1614–1702)
Henrietta Louisa Fermor [née Jeffreys], countess of Pomfret (1698–1761)
Petr Figulus (1619–1670)
Anne Finch [née Kingsmill], countess of Winchilsea (1661–1720)
John Finch (1626–1682)
Elizabeth Foxcroft [née Whichcote] (1600–1679)
Constance Fowler [née Aston] (d. 1664)
Roger Gale (1672–1744)
Samuel Gale (1682–1754)
Thomas Gale (1635–1702)
Katherine Gell [née Packer] (1624–1671)
Balthazar Gerbier (1592–1663/1667)
Joseph Glanvill 1636–1680
Richard Gough (1735–1809)
Johann Georg Greffe (1632–1703)
David Gregory (1659–1708)
James Gregory (1638–1675)
Nehemiah Grew (1641–1712)
Willem de Groot (1597–1662)
Theodor Haak (1605-1690)
Elizabeth Hatton, Lady Hatton [née Cecil; other married name Elizabeth Coke, Lady Coke] (1578–1646)
Thomas Hearne (1678–1735)
Nicholaas Heinsius (1620–1681)
Edward Herbert, first Baron Herbert of Cherbury (1582?–1648)
George Hickes (1642–1715)
Abraham Hill (1635–1722)
Robert Hooke (1635–1703)
William Huddesford (1732–1772)
Robert Huntington (1637–1701)


Katherine Jones [née Boyle], viscountess Ranelagh (1615–1691)
John Jonston (1603–1675)
Maurice Johnson (1688–1755)
Henri Justel (1619–1693)
Henrietta Knight [née St John], Lady Luxborough (1699–1756)
Lorenzo Magalotti (1637–1712)
Damaris Masham [née Cudworth] (1658–1708)
Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis (1698–1759)
Théodore Turquet de Mayerne (1573–1655)
Robert Moray (1608/9?–1673)
Henry More (1614–1687)
Johann Moriaen (1591–1668)
William Musgrave (1655–1721)
Peter Le Neve (1661–1729)
Mark Noble (1754–1827)
Fulvio Orsini (1529–1600)
Samuel Pegge (1704–1796)
Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc (1580–1637)
Samuel Pepys (1633–1703)
William Petty (1623–1687)
Edward Pococke (1604–1691)
Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588–1657)
Richard Price (1723–1791)
John Prideaux (1578–1650)


Richard Rawlinson (1690–1755)
Thomas Rawlinson (1681–1725)
John Ray (1627–1705)
Richard Richardson (1663–1741)
Thomas Roe (1581–1644)
William Sancroft (1617–1693)
Claude de Saumaise (1588–1653)
Gilbert Sheldon (1598–1677)
Hans Sloane (1660–1753)
Thomas Smith (1638–1710)
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (founded 1701)
Samuel de Sorbière (1615–1670)
Katherine Stanhope [née Wotton; van der Kerckhove] (1609–1667)
William Stukeley (1687–1765)
Thomas Tanner (1674–1735)
Melchisédech Thévenot (1620–1692)
Mary Thimelby [name in religion Winefrid] (1618/19–1690)
Ralph Thoresby (1658–1735)
Edward Thwaites (1671–1711)
Thomas Turner (1645–1714)
Philip Ernst Vegelin van Claerbergen (1613–1693)
Humfrey Wanley (1672–1726)
William Warburton (1698–1779)
Philip Wharton (1613–1696)
Benjamin Whichcote (1609–1683)
John Wilkins (1614–1672)
Joseph Williamson (1633–1701)
Anthony Wood (1632–1695)
Henry Wotton (1568–1639)
Christopher Wren (1632–1723)
Philip Henry Zollman (d.1748)


Volunteering opportunities to work from modern print editions

If you are interested in contributing to EMLO, find the prospect appealing of collating metadata from published editions, and would like to become a member of our growing community of volunteers, do be in touch to discuss potential involvement. We have a variety of early modern individuals whose correspondences we would like to record in inventories based on a selection of print editions. You do not need previous experience of this type of work and full training is given, although of course previous knowledge of, and continued interest in, the early modern individuals concerned would be a distinct advantage. We are a friendly group and we share a love of—and enthusiasm for—working with letters and letter-writers. We come together (virtually at present) for informal pop-up talks by Oxford-resident and visiting scholars, and we meet regularly (again virtually) over sandwiches or tea to discuss the issues we all face in our research and the fascinating nuggets that arise from it.

Interested in joining us?



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