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Publication in the EMLO union catalogue of the correspondences of six wives of seventeenth-century Stadtholders provides access for the very first time to a combined corpus of c. 3,550 letters and offers an unprecedented opportunity to analyze female power and influence in the political circles of the Dutch Republic at the Orange and Stuart courts in The Hague and their regional counterpart the Frisian court in Leeuwarden. This section of the exhibition provides individual introductory text for each stadtholder’s wife.


Ineke Huysman, Huygens ING

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Amalia von Solms-Braunfels
Amalia von Solms (1602–1675) was born in Braunfels, the third daughter of Count Johann Albrecht I of Solms-Braunfels, and became lady-in-waiting to the ‘Winter Queen’, Elizabeth Stuart, around 1615. When Elizabeth’s court-in-exile moved to The Hague,…

Mary Stuart (Princess Royal and Princess of Orange)
In 1641, at the age of ten, Mary — the eldest daughter of the Stuart king Charles I — married Willem II van Oranje-Nassau (1626–1650). Following the death of his father, Frederik Hendrik, in 1647, Willem succeeded as stadholder and Mary received the…

Mary II Stuart (Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland)
Mary was a daughter of the Stuart king James II of England, Scotland, and Ireland and his first wife Anne Hyde. As a result of her marriage in 1677 to her cousin, Stadtholder Willem III of Oranje-Nassau, she became Princess of Orange [Oranje] and…

Sophia Hedwig von Braunschweig-Wolffenbüttel
As the eldest daughter of the duke of Braunschweig, a granddaughter of Frederik II, and a cousin of Christian IV (these latter two both kings of Denmark), Sophia was raised at the ducal court in Wolffenbüttel. In 1607 she married count Ernst Casimir…

Albertine Agnes van Oranje-Nassau
A daughter of Stadtholder Frederik Hendrik van Oranje-Nassau and his wife Amalia von Solms-Braunfels, Albertine Agnes van Oranje-Nassau was the first member of the Oranje-Nassau dynasty to marry into the family of Nassau-Dietz.

Henriette Amalia von Anhalt-Dessau
In 1696, following the death of her husband Hendrik Casimir II (1657–1696), Henriette Amalia von Anhalt-Dessau became regent on behalf of her son Johan Willem Friso (1687–1711), and she held this post until he came of age in 1707.
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