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Elias Neau


Sourcing reliable missionaries for an unpredictable and often financially untenable life on the fringes of imperial experimentation was not a simple…

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Francis Le Jau


Francis Le Jau (1665-1717), originally a French Huguenot, was one of the earliest missionaries employed by the Society in Goose Creek, South Carolina,…

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The Codrington Plantation

Map of Codrington Plantation

Upon his death in 1710, Christopher Codrington bequeathed to the SPG two plantations in Barbados 'to maintain a convenient number of professors and…

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The SPG as an Incorporated Company


The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) was founded in 1701 as an incorporated company. William III granted this status to the company by…

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The SPG’s Early History and Archives


The early SPG can be considered an organisation that was bound by letters: transatlantic exchanges which linked together missionaries and their…

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Wives Incorporated


While the early SPG was an organisation made up of male Church of England clergy, committee members, and subscribers, there is evidence that women had…

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