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John Chambelayne (Secretary) askes Governor Robert Lowther for his co-operation in obtaining possession of Codrington estate.

John Chamberlayne (Secretary) to Governor and clergy of Carolina, Petty France, Westminster, 6 Aug. 1711 (copy), asking them to report on feasibility of a proposal to move Ross Reynolds, schoolmaster in St. Bartholomew's Parish, who has taught some…

John Chamberlayne (Secretary) to Francis Le Jau, Petty France, Westminster, 25 July 1709 (copy). Letter will be brought by Governor Tynte. Complains of not receiving reports from Maule. Wood has been granted an annual stipend of £50 for two years.…

Society has continued Huddleston as schoolmaster and appointed Ross to Chester on Vesey's recommendation, but Ross has been taken prisoner by the French. Vesey is asked to comfort his wife and family.
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