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Elias Neau writes to John Chamberlayne (Secretary) discussing the baptising and catechising of enslaved Africans in New York.

Governor Robert Lowther states that he has received the 'exemplification' of the society's charter and will deliver to their attorneys.

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John Norris to John Chamberlayne (Secretary). An unnamed schoolmaster near him in Carolina has offered to teach Indian children free. His school is some distance from the Indians, and Norris wonders if the society could help him to move it nearer.

Francis Le Jau to John Chamberlayne (Secretary) reporting on his work. Concern about delays in receiving / missing letters; Lord's Prayer in Savannah language; Discussion of the lives of Indigenous Americans; Slavery; Sickness.

Undated memorial of Samuel Thomas relating to Church in South Carolina and containing proposals for instruction of Indians and enslaved Africans

He laments that he struggles to feed his family and as they do not have a maid, he has been 'forced' to purchase 3 slaves.

He reached South Carolina in October and was kindly received by the authorities. Thomas died shortly before his arrival. Auchinleek elected to stay in Bermuda. Also discusses sickness, including of Dunn; invasion of the French and Spanish; dissenters…

Francis Le Jau to John Chamberlayne (Secretary), aboard the Greenwich, in Queen's Dock, near Plymouth, 6 May 1706, reporting delays in sailing.

He has resumed his catechizing, with the support of the society and with Vesey's approval.
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