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"Elie Neau in the [Marseilles] Dungeon," anonymous, in A Short Account of the Life and Sufferings of Elie Neau (London, 1749)

Elias Neau to John Hodges (Treasurer) reporting work with enslaved Africans.

Recommends appointment of Muirson as catechist to replace Neau. Neau is a worthy and good man, but he is an elder of the French congregation and a merchant. He does not communicate with the Church of England, and he does not speak good English.

He has resumed his catechizing, with the support of the society and with Vesey's approval.

Elias Neau to John Hodges (Treasurer), New York, 20 Dec. 1704 Mentions that he became acquainted with the Book of Common Prayer while still in his 'dungeon'

Elias Neau writes to John Chamberlayne (Secretary) discussing the baptising and catechising of enslaved Africans in New York.
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