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He would like to go to the colonies as a schoolmaster, but has not yet obtained his wife’s consent.

Society rejected him for Indian Mission because he is married, but proposed to send him to Roanoke, N.C. He is unwilling to go there because it is too unhealthy, but will accept an appointment to South Carolina.

He is unwilling to sail on the Princess Anne with the Palatines, as he believes the voyage will be too rough for his family.

Smith wants payment to his wife guaranteed during her survival if he dies on mission.

Society has continued Huddleston as schoolmaster and appointed Ross to Chester on Vesey's recommendation, but Ross has been taken prisoner by the French. Vesey is asked to comfort his wife and family.

Asking help for widow of Samuel Thomas.

She hopes society will not restore her husband's allowance, as she does not want to go to America, but please do not tell him.

Undated memorandum of Mrs. Keith, asking that aid be given to her and her children if her husband remains in Maryland.

Memorial of Mary Keith to the Archbishop of Canterbury, asking relief.

Mary Keith to the Archbishop of Canterbury asking relief.
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