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A printed copy of the SPG's charter or incorporation.

The first page of the accounts of the Codrington Estate.

The first minutes of the SPG committee meetings. The Bishop of London is asked to recommend a missionary for Narragansett. The Governor designate of New Jersey is asked to divide colony into parishes. George Keith is granted £200 per annum travelling…

Form of Subscription dated 17 Oct. 1702

'Proposals for propagating the Gospel in all Pagan countries.' The first proposal, published in Gordon's Geographical Grammar, is for raising a fund to train clergy in pagan languages and send them out as missionaries. Supplementary proposals,…

Duplicate of Order in Council, 25 Apr. 1679, permitting clergy serving as chaplains at sea or in the plantations to retain benefices in England.

Instructions for the Clergy Employed by the Society (1701/2). This printed pamphlet provides instructions to new SPG missionaries, advising them on their responsibilities and appropriate conduct during their journey to the colonies, and upon arriving…

Certificate of John Harding, bookseller, and William Cooper, his assistant, 7 and 13 Apr. 1706, saying that after buying some books from an unidentified clergyman, they found the society's seal in them.

In this July 1701 journal entry from the Journal of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (Vol. 1, 1701-1710), the committee discusses the design and commissioning of the SPG seal.

A plaque which appears on the building of the former SPG headquarters, in Tufton Street, Westminster.
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