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Certificate of John Harding, bookseller, and William Cooper, his assistant, 7 and 13 Apr. 1706, saying that after buying some books from an unidentified clergyman, they found the society's seal in them.

Smith wants payment to his wife guaranteed during her survival if he dies on mission.

Society rejected him for Indian Mission because he is married, but proposed to send him to Roanoke, N.C. He is unwilling to go there because it is too unhealthy, but will accept an appointment to South Carolina.

The first page of the accounts of the Codrington Estate.

Concerned with measures for securing the estate that Gen. Codrington had left to the society in Barbadoes.

Undated abstract and other papers by Francis Le Jau describing religious situation in Leeward and Caribbee Islands.

In this July 1701 journal entry from the Journal of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (Vol. 1, 1701-1710), the committee discusses the design and commissioning of the SPG seal.

He has resumed his catechizing, with the support of the society and with Vesey's approval.

Elias Neau writes to John Chamberlayne (Secretary) discussing the baptising and catechising of enslaved Africans in New York.

Elias Neau to John Hodges (Treasurer) reporting work with enslaved Africans.
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